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The art industry is suffering from a slump that has delayed the release of movies or canceled scheduled exhibitions due to Covid-19. However, in line with this situation, various technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), and augmented reality (AR) have rapidly developed, allowing humans to experience and enjoy art in new ways. Pharos wants to understand online exhibitions and the use of OTT services during ‘online and socially distanced’ cultural life, which will replace offline cultural life.


Appreciating works of art online could feel strange. However, Google has been exhibiting almost 100,000 pieces of artwork on the ‘Google Arts & Culture’ website by organizing partnerships with more than 2,000 museums including Musée d’Orsay in France and MoMA in the US since 2011. It seems to be a brand new service but actually it has been developed and provided for a long time. This website offers two ways to see the works. The first way is to view the works in a virtual space which is an imitation of a real museum by using street-view. People can feel like they are in an actual museum. Street-view is recognized as a useful technology these days because it is difficult to travel abroad and go to art galleries in person. The second way is to display life-sized pieces right in front of your eyes by using AR technology. Your room becomes a background so you can compare your objects in your room with the artwork on the screen and judge how big the artwork is. Also, it takes a role in connecting the real world and the imaginary world. As a result, you could feel more familiar with the imaginary world that used to feel distant. It would be helpful to see an actual artwork and then see the same one on the website, checking out how it was reproduced graphically. Google has also constructed partnerships with MMCA in Seoul and Gyeonggi Museum in Yongin. Thus you could visit the museum and have an experience like this easily as long as the spread of Covid-19 decreases.


Recently, LG Electronics opened a virtual gallery called ‘LG Signature Art Gallery’ following the socially distanced culture trend. There is a prejudice that a virtual gallery would be an immaterial and abstract space. However, this gallery has its own form designed by a famous architect, Hyunjoon Yoo. The building is made up of minimal curves and straight lines. Furthermore, some rooms appear or disappear depending on the situation so that neatness and simplicity could be maximized. The core of the gallery is to harmonize people with nature. Water flows around the museum, trees grow, and exhibitions are even held underwater. This gallery has developed its own identity by applying technologies that only work on the digital world to a building that is usually less interesting than exhibited works. The gallery is divided into two parts: a signature hall and a special exhibition hall. In the signature hall, premium home appliances of LG Electronics are displayed in 3D. The biggest feature is that simple and ordinary products combined with artistic performances are shown as if they were artistic sculptures. In the special exhibition hall, artworks of the artists who are supported by LG Signature are placed. On the very first exhibition of this hall, 10 paintings by Kim Hwangi were displayed. They caught the public eye because he was famous for recording the highest price in Korean art auctions. Moreover, in a corner of the museum, his atelier in New York is reproduced enabling profound appreciation. The prejudice that it would be more difficult to have a vivid experience by seeing the works on a

screen rather than in the real world is broken. Encouraged by the popularity of the first exhibition, the second exhibition has just started. Its title is ‘Earthwalk in the Starry Night’. The main themes are Nature and Healing. Viewers are able to watch the works of five Korean contemporary artists: Han Seung Ku, Kim Chang Young, Lee Eun, Lee Sang Kwon, and Lee Kyung Min. These artists created docent content in their actual studios to give a more special experience to the visitors. This exhibition will be held from March 17th to June 16th.


When online exhibitions receive a lot of attention from people as socially distanced cultural life, there are other areas that attract attention. One is ‘OTT’ service. As the time spent at home become longer due to restrictions on using multi- use facilities such as movie theaters, people’s attention has been focused on the OTT service available at home. The media industry has changed as the number of users of OTT services has increased. The platform for releasing movies is changed, resulting in a new platform for judging the drama’s topic, and videos that could not be aired on TV are produced. There are even actors who make their debut through OTT service, and they perform well in it, raising the recognition of actors. As the influence of OTT service has grown, actors have more places to stand, and a variety of works are created. Previously, domestic-made content used to be the main focus, but these days, the scope of services has expanded to overseas content such as U.S., Chinese, and British dramas. As you encounter content from other countries, your understanding of the country increases, and your interest in that country’s language increases. For example, if you watch a video about the history of other countries like a Korean historical drama, you will be able to understand the history of the country more easily. Recently, when we purchase a TV, streaming services such as Netflix and Watcha are included as basic options, so the influence and dominance of OTT services in every corner of our lives will be even greater. As a result, a greater variety of videos will appear, and you can create another genre like the original Netflix. It is necessary to pay attention to OTT services, which have grown significantly through rapid changes.


Various changes have occurred in people’s daily lives over the past year, just as they have seen exhibitions at home and watched movies and plays through online services. It may be a change that is unfamiliar at first but will be taken for granted later. The future world will develop more than it is now, and the resulting changes are inevitable, so it is essential to have an attitude to accept the current of the times and to understand the changes. Having such an attitude will help you experience new and wonderful experiences such as socially distanced cultural life. Also, you will be looking forward to seeing what future technologies will appear next, giving people convenience, as well as what art will appear and entertain people. Let’s enjoy a new experience that change provides while embracing the changing era.



76th Cub Reporter Choi Bo Youn - invierno.y@kyonggi.ac.kr

76th Cub Reporter Go Eun Ji - dorothy0438@naver.com


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